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  • What is Brainspotting?

    a transformative and expansive approach to wellness...

    Focused Mindfulness

    Brainspotting is an amazing way of setting the brain (much like one might set a broken arm) to heal itself. Scientists have discovered that through focusing one’s gaze on a carefully chosen spot in one’s field of vision this self- healing capacity can be activated. A Brainspotting practitioner helps a client find the spot that best correlates with a particular internal struggle and then keeps watch with her as an encouraging and safe other. It is this non-judgmental watchfulness that is often described as a sort of “focused mindfulness”. Just as we might watch the tide move in and out along the beach, not knowing exactly what will happen next, but just seeing it come and go and being content in the moment, Brainspotting has clients watching memories, sensations and emotions come and go as the brain heals.

    What is happening in the Brain?

    When we go through a traumatic experience (which is any experience that overwhelms the nervous system), our brain sets aside traumatic memories in time capsules to be dealt with at a later date. The outcome is that the memory stays live and can be triggered at any given moment (whenever our brains perceive an event or feeling to be similar to that which originally traumatized us). In other words, it is still in process and has not been stored in long term memory storage, as it should be. Brainspotting allows our brains to process these old memory time capsules in such a way that they can stop interfering with life today.

    What can Brainspotting help with?

    In short, you becoming more you. Brainspotting can be used to heal deep wounds as well as to expand personal possibilities, like creativity, confidence, openness and more. Would you like to feel more confident, creative and hopeful? Would you like to enjoy your life again? Feel sure of yourself in social situations? Let go of fears that have been long holding you captive? Whatever trauma has stolen from you, Brainspotting can help to recover. Of course, there is no changing history and what has actually taken place but we can change the way that you experience your present in light of the past.

  • Helpful Video #1

    Video interview with the developer of Brainspotting, David Grand

    Helpful Video #2

    Brainspotting colleague, Mary Elkins of GE Family Services, created this amazing video to clearly explain what is going on in the brain as we process various life experiences and how Brainspotting can be used to heal stuck memories that may be holding us hostage. I invite you to take a few minutes to enjoy her video and I thank her for sharing it with us!

  • What to Expect

    If you decide to give Brainspotting a try, here's how it will work.


    Choose the Issue

    We will chat a bit about what you want to work on, how this has been affecting your life and what you hope for.


    Locate your best Brainspot

    Next, I will help you to find the brainspot that is most helpful for processing this issue. This involves directing your focus to specific places within your field of vision and asking you to pay attention to how you feel when looking at each spot.


    Focused Mindfulness

    Here you focus on your chosen spot and pay attention to any feelings, memories, sensations or thoughts that may arise during this process. I will stay fully attuned and engaged, maintaining safety and encouragement for you. You will be invited to share, as much or as little, as you prefer.




    Once you experience a shift in your felt experience, we will discuss how the process felt and whether there is anything requiring further attention.




    Rinse and Repeat! We will continue this process (usually across a few sessions) until you feel whole and new!