Brain based ways to heal trauma and expand your possibilities

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    A mindfulness based, relationally focused, neurobiological approach to healing trauma.

    Are you ready to feel more yourself again? Often life's circumstances, whether traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, church hurt or other distress, can cause parts of us to go into hiding. You might have been a really creative child but now feel afraid to take the risks that true creativity requires or maybe you used to love baseball and now experience intense anxiety every time you're at bat. Perhaps you used to love spending time with people but now find yourself guarded and staying in more often than not. If you feel you have lost an important part of yourself or would like to break through a barrier that is somehow holding you captive, I would love to help you with that.


    Safe & Sound Protocol

    A complimentary listening therapy to powerfully enhance the benefits of other personal growth work.

    Would you like to feel safer, think more clearly and connect more fully? If you’re anything like me, the answer is Yes please!! I mean, who wouldn’t want those things?


    SSP stands for Safe and Sound Protocol and utilizes Polyvagal Theory to deliver specially filtrated music which acts as a neural exercise for the brain, growing in one's nervous system a sense of calm and a feeling of wellbeing. Clients report effects such as greater creativity, the ability to "see" more clearly, reduced startle reflex, more confidence with others, greater focus, and more.


    Story Coaching

    Whole person healing so you can live your truest story.


    Have you gotten stuck telling an old story about yourself? That you're just not an adventuresome person or that you will always be an aspiring painter but never a real artist or that you just don't have enough willpower... Maybe you have heard it or told it so many times that you've even started to believe it's true... Stories can get stuck for so many reasons including family culture, beliefs, habit, trauma... But, the truth is, we can change our stories. Of course, we cannot change what has happened so far in our lives but we can change the way we understand these things, our role in the story and the next chapters that get written. If you'd like to revise your current story to be truer and more life giving, I'd love to help you do that.


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