• Cognitive Processing Therapy

    What to do when your story gets stuck

  • What is CPT for PTSD?

    A step by step way to change stuck patterns of thinking

    A Simple Answer

    CPT is a structured process for exploring stuck beliefs through writing and conversation with a professional. It's sort of like therapeutic journaling. Sessions follow a particular curriculum and include specific between session homework that reinforces the new ways of thinking.

    A Clear Explanation

    For a clear understanding of what CPT entails, please enjoy this brief video.

    This American Life: Ten Sessions

    For a more experiential understanding of what CPT is like, you may choose to listen to this 3 episode series of This American Life, in which Ira Glass presents actual session clips of journalist, Jamie Lowe's therapy experience. This is a moving and helpful picture of what the CPT process might look and feel like.

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy


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