• Snapdragon Fees

    Below are listed my fees and FAQs. A variety of payment plans are available for your convenience.

    ~If you are a pastor's wife, please contact me for special pricing~

    Individual Trauma Therapy

    [A customized integration of Brainspotting with the best of all my trauma treatment training, including hypnotherapy, art, parts work, writing, memory reconsolidation and more!]

    1 hour session $225


    6 session bundle $1080

    [20% savings]

    Couples Trauma Therapy

    [A combination of together and individual sessions focused on resolving trauma and moving forward]

    1 hour session $225


    For the best possible outcomes, Couples Trauma Therapy is offered for no more than three months at a time.

    Safe & Sound Protocol

    [A remote listening therapy]

    SSP Package $500

    • Introduction & Set up
    • Access to Music for 6 weeks
    • Check ins & Coaching, as necessary, via email
    • Wrap up Session

    Groups & Courses

    Coming Soon!

  • FAQs

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    Hi! If you have a question that is not covered in the list above, please let me know here. I'll get back to you with a response asap, and, I may just add your question to the list.

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