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    The Benefits of Healing Together

    Group Therapy is a great way to build community into your healing process. This can be done in addition to your current individual work or as an alternative way forward. So much encouragement and comfort can be discovered through knowing that you are not alone and supporting each other in the shared task of recovering from trauma.

  • CPT for Groups

    A 12 week trauma recovery group

    CPT is a research validated way of healing PTSD, [site groups that support CPT] that has been shown to be highly effective in groups as well as individually. Snapdragon CPT groups are for those who share a common faith and who are struggling to manage PTSD symptoms. Our focus will not be on the details of each other’s stories but rather on the meaning we have made of our experiences and how to shift the story we are believing when it is found to be false. You can learn more about the CPT process here: One of the best things about doing CPT in a group context is the support experienced from people who truly understand the challenging journey of healing from trauma.


    This group is for committed Christians who have experienced trauma, are struggling with ongoing PTSD symptoms and are ready to experience freedom and joy.


    JZ will take you through a twelve week course aimed to educate you about PTSD and develop new skills. At the end of your CPT group, you will feel in control of your trauma rather than your trauma controlling you!

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    In the context of a safe community, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Reflect on the meaning you have made of your trauma; what beliefs may have contributed to your understanding of what happened and/or arisen from your experience.
    • Redefine your story from a balanced and non-judmental perspective.
    • Recover connection with others, hope for the future and joy.

    Who is CPT for?

    Snapdragon’s CPT Group Therapy is great for those who are:

    Motivated and ready to dive in and do the work

    Committed Christian believers

    Ready to receive and extend non-judgmental support and encouragement


    **This group is not for those who are actively in crisis or suicidal**

    What can CPT help with?

    CPT is research validated and supported by the National Association for PTSD as a highly effective treatment method. CPT has been found to be helpful for processing:

    • Physical and sexual assault
    • Childhood traumas
    • Motor Vehicle accidents
    • Natural disasters
    • Combat
    • Spiritual trauma

    Please note that details of participant traumas will not be discussed within the group.


    We are still sorting out timeline and details for this group. If interested, please leave your details below and we will put you on our CPT for Groups Waiting List to be informed of the details as soon as they are available.

    Please put me on the list!

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