• Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis + Memory Reconsolidation

     for Healthy Habit Formation



  • How Hypnotherapy Helps

    Often in response to traumatic experiences, the human brain adopts habitual ways of managing deep and sometimes unbearable pain. When unhealthy, these patterned ways of responding, can continue to have negative effects on our health and relationships long after the trauma has passed. Because of the way habits are formed in the brain, they are typically resistant to even our best intentions and efforts for change. Hypnotherapy is one gentle and effective way to access the deeper places in the brain where destructive habits are stored, allowing us to update old memories and allow for the formation of new and healthier habits that better fit your life today.

    What Hypnotherapy Is

    Hypnotherapy is more like "Focused Daydreaming". You are fully awake and in control of your experience, free to accept or reject anything you hear. We will together craft the suggestions and meaning that you want me to focus on and I will show you how to slow your brain wave pattern to the ideal state of receptivity for incorporating new learning and generating creative new connections. This alpha/theta brain wave pattern is similar to how a person might feel when having a peaceful daydream or light nap.


    Hypnotherapy Is Not

    Hypnotherapy is not like stage hypnosis. You will not magically develop the ability to speak Russian. You will not unwittingly share a deep dark secret that you didn't want anyone else to know. You will not find yourself hopping around my office like a rabbit or braying like a donkey, unless of course, you want to... :)



    Being trained in Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy and certified by the National Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists, I use hypnotherapy only in support of your intentions, beliefs and goals for your life. I use it in a resourcing way, to increase resilience and strengthen resolve. I do not use hypnotherapy to recover lost memories or in a coersive or manipulative way. I choose only to use hypnotherapy with adults 18 years of age or older who request to work with me in this way.

  • Hypnotherapy Packages

    A variety of ways that hypnotherapy can help...

    Lifestyle Habits

    Making real changes that stick can sometimes feel like a losing battle. One step forward and two steps back. Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective for supporting your efforts to live a healthy life. Whether you want to quit smoking, create a sustainable eating and exercising routine, limit your alcohol consumption or gain traction with your weight loss program, Snapdragon can help.


    Did you know that anxiety is actually a habit? Through mapping your anxious habit loops and using memory reconsolidation techniques combined with hypnosis we can replace old associations of fear and uncertainty with new experiences of confidence, connectedness and calm.

    Grief & Trauma

    Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to reprocess past trauma, allowing clients to find meaningful ways to honor the experiences they have had while gaining clarity and rest. Even though dealing with often heavy issues, TIH is a fun process, customized to fit each client's unique needs. We can incorporate movement, games, art, music, whatever we find speaks best to your "emotional" brain.

  • How It Works

    the Snapdragon system




    During a complimentary 20 minute consultation call, we will talk about what you are wanting to change and whether or not hypnotherapy would be a good fit for you.


    Choose Package & Payment Options

    If we decide to work together you can easily choose the best package and payment option for you and I'll set you up with a client account that will allow us to communicate confidentially throughout your process should any changes or adjustments need to be made.


    Experience Real Change!

    We'll get started and you will feel better soon! Typically packages include an initial session that is longer and subsequent sessions strategically spaced to allow your brain maximum opportunity for healthy growth/change.