• Meet Jennifer

    Trauma Recovery & Joy Reclamation Coach


    Jennifer's unique combination of training as a relational therapist, advanced certifications in trauma treatment approaches, church ministry experience and countless hours working with a wide variety of people in pursuit of wellness, all contribute to her present day work of helping people to reclaim lost joy and remember how to truly live.


    Integrating Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy, Faith, Art, Movement, Memory Reconsolidation and more, Jennifer collaborates with her clients to heal, make real life changes and move forward in the quickest time frame possible.


    Consistently drawn to ways of helping that do not fit into traditional therapeutic categories, Jennifer offers complimentary therapies in the form of coaching for maximum effectiveness in the shortest amount of time possible.


    Jennifer especially loves coaching both helping professionals who feel disillusioned, burnt out and exhausted and those who have experienced church hurt to discover renewed hope and joy.


    ~Please note that although many of my professional qualifications are clinical in nature, I do not take a clinical approach with my work. Instead, I use Brainspotting and other powerful techniques from a faith based and holistic healing perspective.


    • MA, Marriage & Family Therapy
    • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
    • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
    • Brainspotting Practitioner
    • Certified Provider of Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy
    • National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    • Certified Provider of CPT for PTSD
    • Certified Provider of Safe and Sound Protocol
    • Heartmath (biofeedback) Practitioner
    • Certificate in Using Art to Unlock More Effective Trauma Narratives
    • Certificate in Trauma Sensitive Writing


    • Follower of Jesus
    • Pastor's wife, Pastor's kid, Pastor's granddaughter, Pastor's great-granddaughter and Pastor's niece
    • Mother of three amazing young men
    • Survivor of abuse and trauma in the church, yielding an intimate knowledge of the recovery process
    • Hopeful, even in the dark
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