Safe and Sound Protocol

    Feel safe again through the science of music

  • The Question

    Would you like to feel safer, think more clearly and connect more fully?


    If you’re anything like me, the answer is Yes please!! I mean, who wouldn’t want those things?


    But, especially, for those who’ve been through traumatic experiences, feeling safe and being able to connect in a real way again with the people we love, can seem like a dream from the past. Often, people who’ve been through trauma, eventually just give up, feeling like they’ve tried everything and nothing works and they’ll just have to live in a state of discomfort, anxiety and loneliness for the rest of their lives. Thanks to much research over the last 15 years and a correspondingly clearer understanding of trauma and the brain, we don’t have to settle for just “surviving to the end”.





    SSP is an amazing program that utilizes Polyvagal Theory to deliver specially filtrated music which acts as a neural exercise for the brain, growing in one's nervous system a sense of calm and a feeling of wellbeing. And, one of the best things is, this is a “passive” treatment. People who feel like they’ve tried everything, are usually pretty tired. The idea of going through another round of therapy, explaining the situation once again to someone new, feeling momentary relief, followed by the horrifying feeling that you’ve been too vulnerable and shared too much, and ultimately, finding yourself still in the same place you were in before, feels miserable and hopeless.


    If the above sounds familiar, SSP might be your solution. All you have to “do” is listen and keep your coach updated on any responses or reactions you may be having to the music you hear. It seems a bit like magic but it’s actually science, making use of the amazing way that God has created our bodies to function.

  • Check out this brief video below to learn more!





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